JP Digital's Founder

Jordun Paster


Jordun Paster grew up in Northeast Ohio along side his four brothers and sisters. Being raised in a lower income family taught Jordun that nothing in life comes without working for it. He believes that once you put faith in yourself and your actions, you can make anything happen! 

Jordun attended Kent State University and graduated in 2020 with a major in marketing and management. While doing free-lance work in college with web design and working through his internship, he realized he did not want to work for anyone but himself. He started to learn about video marketing and the power that it holds so he taught himself how to shoot videos and work a camera. With the knowledge of web design and branding already under his belt, he set out to start JP Digital!

Now he is set out to pass the skills he acquired in college to help your company succeed and grow with the power of digital marketing! 

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JP Digital is a digital production company focused on video marketing, photography, web design, and digital branding. We work out of northeast Ohio but travel all around the east coast to work with clients. What makes JP Digital so special is that we put faith in entrepreneurs with a passion but little capital. We want to see you succeed and grow! That is why we cater to your budget while creating high quality content. We keep our overhead low so we can pass the savings on to creating your branding dreams. 

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